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Arctic Stick Now Available on!

Arctic Stick is now available for purchase at this link: What sprouted from an idea sprouted on a hot truck ride almost three years ago, the Arctic Stick is now available for purchase! Inventor Brandon T. Adams gained the support of hundreds in crowdfunding the product and getting it in to mass production. The product offers: […]

Arctic Stick Inching Closer to Goal

Pledges Needed to Get Arctic Stick to Market! While we’ve been pleased with the feedback we’ve gotten as we’ve been out and about early this month and we are humbled by the early support we’ve received on our Kickstarter campaign, there is still work to be done! I am hoping that you can continue to […]

Arctic Stick Gains National Attention

The national media has taken notice of the Arctic Stick. Owner and inventor Brandon Adams made a splash at the Shark Tank Casting Call on July 14, garnering coverage in the Des Moines Register and USA Today focused on the Arctic Stick. First things first… No, the Arctic Stick didn’t LITERALLY blow up. While it […]