Arctic Stick Featured in Dubuque Telegraph Herald

The Arctic Stick has gained the attention of folks from coast-to-coast, and was recently featured in an article in the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald newspaper, which serves much of northeast Iowa. The article comes on the heels of widespread coverage of the Arctic Stick as it completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for tooling and manufacturing of the device. Among those featuring Arctic Stick were the USA Today, the Des Moines Register, KCWI television and WHO Radio in Des Moines.

Here is the article that appeared in the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald:

The Arctic Stick is in the process of completing tooling and heading into mass production. Arctic Stick owner and inventor Brandon Adams is working cooperatively with a number of makreting companies to secure contract to sell the device, which conveniently cools and flavors drinks, in stores throughout the United States. Adams says the Arctic Stick will also sell online at

About Arctic Stick
ArcticStick is an innovative new product that fits inside plastic beverage bottles to get drinks colder, faster and keep them chilled longer. The unique design allows any liquid to be frozen inside, allowing any number of flavors to be added to make virtually any drink of choice. The Arctic Stick will be available for purchase at or at a number of retailers.