Close to Perfect: An Update on Arctic Stick

It’s hard to believe that we are now 60 days out from the successful funding of the Arctic Stick project… Just thought we’d drop a quick update to give you an idea of where we are with everything.

The tooling for the Arctic Stick is done and we are in the process of tweeking things now. We received the first shipment of prototypes from the completed tooling in mid-September and put them through a rigorous set of tests. Those tests showed that we still have a couple areas that need attention before we go into mass production. We are still shooting to get our rewards out to you by the end of October, but this process is vital to get right, so if it’s going to take a little longer we will keep you in the loop.

The first shipment of prototypes from the recently completed tooling was received in mid-September. We are working to get it perfect before it goes into mass production.

Speaking of rewards, we have begun receiving all of the novelty items that we are providing to those who so generously supported us. Bumper stickers, fridge magnets, t-shirts and more seem to be arriving on a daily basis. We are excited to begin shipping items out and will do so as soon as we get the first batch of Arctic Stick through the door.

The fridge magnets for supporters of our Kickstarter campaign grant full-fledged status in Arctic Stick Nation!
These bumper stickers will help funders show the world they belong to Arctic Stick Nation!

We know it probably feels as if we’ve overdone it in the ‘Thank You’ category, but honestly we could not have done this without so much support from far and wide. This entire process has had a steep learning curve and we appreciate you having the faith in us to know that we are going to be successful with the Arctic Stick. We don’t count you simply as supporters, we count you as friends.

And most importantly we count you as Charter Members of Arctic Stick Nation!
More to come soon… stay tuned!