10 Worse Ways to Spend $25 (Please Come to Grips with #9)

Now that we’ve launched our Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to manufacture the Arctic Stick, we keep getting questions on what folks will get for their pledge — especially college students. It is all spelled out clearly on our Kickstarter page at http://kck.st/1mgO0aI. And, in our biased opinion, you will get more for your pledge of $25 than an industrious college student would using it on one of the 10 things below.

10. Beer Pong Set: Awesome! These balls have [INSERT UNIVERSITY NAME HERE]’s logo on them! And look at the cups, they can be reused… SCORE! Really? Save the money on the kit, scrounge for game ready cups and balls around the house and put $25 into Arctic Stick. You’ll not only land a unique party favor in the Arctic Stick, but a limited-edition shirt. Party on, right?

9. Tickets to See That One Indie Band That Everyone “Loves”: You know you really hate them. And so does everyone else. You are just all too afraid of looking uncool to admit it. Instead of plunking down $25 to see some hipsters in chimney sweep outfits whine into the mic, plunk down a pledge of $25 for the Arctic Stick and listen to Pandora in your fresh new t-shirt.

8. Another Flat Bill Cap: Those NewEra hats were fresh… until everyone from your old uncle Rick to your little niece Randi started wearing one. Need we say more? That $25 is way better spent on a new product that will take Rick and Randi a few years to catch up to.

7. Fourth Meal: It’s late (3 a.m. is technically early, we guess), you’re hungry and you’re seriously going to regret those two large pizzas, dozen wings and garlic cheese bread when you wake up early tomorrow afternoon. Save the pain and the associated $25 and put it into a company born and raised right here in the USofA.

6. That Sociology Study Guide: Admit it. You saw “Sociology” and thought it had something to do with Twitter. Wrong. But even though it will come at you from out of left field, skip the quarter century investment in a study guide. You’re cool enough to find a friend that will let you borrow. And you’ll be even cooler when you put that cash into the Arctic Stick!

5. Online Subscriptions: You know what we’re talking about. Quit it.

4. Gas Money: This is a win-win. Not only can you get your hands on the Arctic Stick (and a t-shirt) way before anyone else, but without gas in your ride, you have a ready-made excuse to not go to that thing you didn’t want to go to (sorry, Mom…).

3. Movie Tickets: Doesn’t matter what you’re going to see or how much you like/dislike it, it will eventually result in an argument with that one guy who take movies way too seriously. Diverting those funds to Arctic Stick will leave that guy speechless.

2. Fruits and Vegetables: This is not to say you shouldn’t eat fruits and vegetables, this is to say you WON’T. Even with the best intentions, dropping $25 on fruit will result in nothing more than a fuller-than-normal garbage sack at the end of the week. Keep in mind, the Arctic Stick never goes bad!

1. Super-Cool Water Bottles: You won’t need them with Arctic Stick! Instead of hauling that PBC-free (or is it PVC?), cumbersome water bottle around all day, you can simply pop a frozen Arctic Stick in your regular old bottle of water, pop or whatever else to keep it cooler, longer.

Remember, you can get your hands on YOURS by pledging today! Follow this link to the Kickstarter page!