Arctic Stick Now Available on!

Arctic Stick is now available for purchase at this link:

What sprouted from an idea sprouted on a hot truck ride almost three years ago, the Arctic Stick is now available for purchase! Inventor Brandon T. Adams gained the support of hundreds in crowdfunding the product and getting it in to mass production.

The product offers:

  • Convenient 6-pack so you can keep all your bottled beverages cold from the first sip to the last.
  • Design that fits inside any regular 16.9 fluid oz. plastic bottle.
  • Enhanced bottled beverage experience like nothing you’ve experienced – colder faster and cooler longer – you definitely won’t look at a bottled beverage the same way again.
  • Earth-friendly reusable, BPA free and dishwasher safe design.
  • Sleek design making it perfect for athletes, outdoors, fitness fanatics, travelers, party events, casual drinkers, bikers, and many more

Click on the link above or the listing at right for additional details!