Swimming with the Sharks: A Recap of My Shark Tank Audition

The Shark Tank audition process was an exhilarating opportunity that allowed me to share the Arctic Stick vision, dream and product with.  All of us eager entrepreneurs and inventors waited in line eagerly for our big shot at wowing the producers. We all shared a similar goal: Breaking through and making an impression that would land us in the actual Shark Tank.

I’m the kind of person that is comfortable standing out in a crowd. In fact, I thrive in an environment where I can be bold, overstated and “put on a show.” Sure, it may be more than some are able to bear, but that is just me being me. I jumped at the chance to strut my stuff at the Shark Tank audition.

While waiting in line with wristband number 68, it hit me: The show already had started. No, the doors weren’t open, but for me, it was showtime. With cameras everywhere and the spotlight ready to be claimed, I jumped at my big opportunity to set myself apart from the rest.  And that’s exactly what I did!

I left line, walked out to an open area and shouted out to all within earshot: “Listen up everyone! My name is Brandon Adams and I want to tell you about the Arctic Stick, which many of you have seen in the The Des Moines Register recently.  I’m going to give you my pitch.”

And that’s exactly what I did. Without fear, full of confidence, I gave my pitch to everyone in line. I loved every second of it. As the cameras swarmed and the crowd applauded, I knew I had accomplished my goal of being memorable. Even more than that, I had set about the process of stealing the show… before it even started.

There are a million ideas in this world. Those ideas are nothing without the determination and drive of the inventor. Each person in line had an idea and the dream of swimming with the sharks. But I wasn’t going to give the same staid pitch. I was going to breathe life into my great idea and put my passion for the Arctic Stick into the best pitch they had seen.

I stood out, and that’s what its all about. I have a dream and it’s realization is my sole purpose. There is no quit in me. Overdoing it is just a good start. It was Napoleon Hill who said: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve.” No one is more determined than me. The conceiving and believing are done. The Shark Tank audition was just another step toward achieving.

I was thrilled with the pitch I gave.  It was full of energy, passion and determination.  Not only that, but I clearly demonstrated the huge potential my product has in the marketplace. All in that room for the pitch and, in fact, everyone in the event center that day saw the potential and now remember the Arctic Stick.

And that’s what I was after. I stood out. The Arctic Stick stood out. And I’m confident I will get a call back. In the meantime, I will keep grinding, awaiting my swim with the Sharks. Arctic Stick will be the next Shark Tank Success Story!