Arctic Stick Gains National Attention

The national media has taken notice of the Arctic Stick. Owner and inventor Brandon Adams made a splash at the Shark Tank Casting Call on July 14, garnering coverage in the Des Moines Register and USA Today focused on the Arctic Stick.

First things first… No, the Arctic Stick didn’t LITERALLY blow up. While it can pack a punch in your bottled beverage, it is not explosive. We mean it “blew up” in gaining the national spotlight after the Shark Tank Casting Call held in Des Moines on Monday, July 14.

Between Friday, July 11 and Monday, July 14, the Arctic Stick recieved a huge, two-page spread in the Des Moines Register and then, after Brandon pitched his project to producers of the wildly popular television show Shark Tank, USA Today took notice. Brandon and the Arctic Stick were featured in an article and video about the event. Brandon served as the “cover boy” for the article that appeared on the USA Today app under “Top Stories” and was featured on the homepage of newspaper’s website. The USA Today has the largest circulation of any newspaper in the United States.

In addition to the coverage online and in newspapers, Brandon was part of a segment that aired on WOI-TV 5 in Des Moines and was featured in his hometown newspaper the Guttenberg Press.

Here are links to some of the coverage:

Des Moines Register:

USA Today: